Aleutian Islands | 2019

Sitka, Atka, Kiska or Chuginadak

"Ghost islands o'clock"

Yesterday was again today.
No more contrast.
The spectrum of colours reduced to the essential.

Our vessel has passed the 180th meridian.

Some specific motion at the right geographic location
allows you to step into the only real existing time machine.

Navigating the Aleutians islands West to East is one of the magic keys,
now Greenwich is playing with our clocks.

we are leaving from Petropavlovsk, kamtchatka.

Russia to Alaska BY THE SEAS

Reversing time from West to east.

At some point no one could tell any longer what day or time it was..
Each island is confusing our perception a little more.
The North Pacific flirting with the bering sea in chaos.

Force 9 for 5 days.

The aleutian islands are connecting two continents.
vestige of caldera & fragments of mountain.

From an island to another,
a discontinued line made of Active volcanoes.
On their beaches, small iron pieces of human war toys.
3/10 Kiska
American Pocket Submarine
American Airplane
The sun never disappears.
sHe only plays with the horizon offering us a constant dusk.

My exposure is very slow, close to one minute.
Korean army ship
Submarine US
Assignment for the Condé Nast editions  | featured in « Air France Madame »  |  n 239  | 10 pages


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